DIY honey scrub

I have a hard time finding body products that doesn´t irritate my skin so I have finally just made a body scrub myself. It´s much cheaper, all natural and you can choose what you want. I made an easy one but you can add vanilla or roses if you want to. This is just a simple honey body scrub with 3 ingredients.
This is what you´ll need:
1 cup of sugar
1/2 olive oil
1/4 cup honey
This is how you do it:
Pour the sugar in a bowl and add your olive oil and honey. And then you blend it all together, add more of any of the ingredients if you need to and put the mix in something that´s waterproof and can be in your shower. And that´s it! The easiest body scrub recipie ever.
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Fall/winter beauty favorites

Fall is my favorite season of all time! I love the leaves changing colors and the crisp smell in the air. Another amazing part is the layers! Fall fashion is my favorite because you can layer it and keep warm but still look chic. But I wouldn´t be much of a beauty person if I just talked about leaves and weater so I thought I should mention some of my favorite make up products for this fall & winter. Beauty trends for this fall is dark lips, rosie cheeks, metallic eyes and lashes lots of lashes and this is the way i´m gonna rock it.
Maybelline lipstick in "540 Hollywood red": This red it perfect for the transition between summer and fall because it´s not a orange based red but not a dark red it´s more of a pinky red. The formula is soft and easy to apply with a semi matte finish.
LÓréal lipstick in "378 velvet rose": I have found my perfect, everyday nude. My lips are very pigmented so I need something that doesn´t just look weird on me, I need it to be my color but better and this lipstick is just that. A pinky nude with a matte finish that lasts for a couple of hours and is really easy to apply, you don´t really need a mirror for it so it´s perfect if you have to get ready on a bus or a train.
Essie nail polish in "Style Cartel": A nice, dark blue color is always a go to during fall. It´s not a bright color so it won´t clash with any of your outfits (even though I almost always were all black) and it´s not as boring and simple as a black polish. Because it´s Essie the formula is opaque in two coats and last for about five days on me. I will be rocking this nail polish until i´ll switch to more red based colors for the holiday season.
NYX lip liner in "nude beige": This is really nude. It´s not a pinky nude at all it´s just nude and brown so if you are all about that look or just need a lip liner to use under every nude lipstick you own, this is the perfect one! It´s matte and lasts forever on me, I have been drinking and eating with it on and it doesn´t really budge.
Another great things is that it´s really cheap.
Make up store concealer brush: I´m pretty sure it´s for concealer, at least my sister got it for me with a concealer but I like it even better with my really pigmented lip colors like the maybelline one. The brush is soft and it´s really small. Perfect to have in your clutch for when you have a party to go to and have to do some touch ups or in your travel make up bag.
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7 things: sunday hobbies

I know sundays are not usually a favorite day for many people, but it could be. I am trying to get more things done and make it feel like I did something good on the last day of every week. These are just a few of my sunday hobbies.
* Do yoga or pilates- both are very relaxing but you still move your body and trust me, if you have never done yoga before this, you will be sore!
* Watch some of your favorite movies or tv shows - some sundays I just don´t want to do anything productive and on does days this is my favorite one. I am a huge tv fan so give me a bowl of something unhealthy, a good movie and a couple of napkins and i´m good to go.
* Clean my make up brushes - this is a very boring task but what better way to start a new week than with clean brushes.
* Organise my make up - this is a great way to make sure you don´t use the same make up every day.
* Read a bit - I love books and it´s very relaxing.
* Plan out the week ahead - I love sitting down with a notebook and writing down all of the things I need to do in the week to come.
* Catch up on some sleep - I don´t see the point in waking up early on a sunday just to do things, I like to sleep in and spend some extra hours in my very much loved bed.
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