7 things: favorite youtubers

I have a confession to make, i´m a youtube addict. I know it´s bad, but I can´t stop it´s just so good. And because i´m not the only one I thought I would share my obsession.
Claire Marshall: She is my favorite youtuber of all time. Her editing skills are off the charts and I adore her style. I jump up and down, in my mind, every time she uploads a new video. Her videos are a mix of amazing style snippets, vlogs (my personal favorite) and her monthly beauty reviews.  Oh yeah, her cutie pie cat Bruce Lee pops up here and there. He is just the cutest.
Lily Pebbles: Is incredibly honest about everything. She does beauty videos, tutorials, fashion videos and right now she´s doing every day may were she vlogs every day. It´s pretty great. Her style is simple and her taste in make up is less is more which is exactly up my street.
Hellooctober: I love her. She is just so sweet and funny. Her style is just right, simple but with cute and well thought out details. Suzie does a bit of everything, vlogs (where you can spot her cute puppy Nala and her boyfriend), styling videos, tutorials and hauls. She just seem so sweet and one of those people you would want as your friends.
Icovetthee: Sweet, honest and funny is three words that describes Alix very well. If you are looking for a nice girl with humor and a great taste in style and make up looks she is for you. The quality on her videos are just amazing and she and her boyfriend are so cute together, as seen in her vlogs.
Jaclyn Hill: If you don´t now who this girl is, you must be living under a rock. She is so talented at make up tutorials and she is just drop dead gorgeous. And if you´re still not sure let me just tell you this, she is hilarious! I follow her on snapchat and I laugh so hard, she is just so unfiltered and says what´s on her mind which I love.
I also follow her on instagram and twitter so yeah, i´m kinda obsessed.
Beautycrush: I think I have used most of the words I can think about. But I have to write something, Sammi is really funny and I relate a lot to her. She also has great style and I love her home decor taste and her two puppies Franklin and Capten Riley. She also has a vlog channel called thesammimariashow which I love because my favorite kind of videos to watch are vlogs. She shares her and her boyfriend, Jason, life and behind the scene stuff from her blog and their brand new fashion line "Novem & Knight".
Tar Mar: This is my last favorite, she studies fashion and is right now working on her own line for school. Her videos are very style related and her hauls and vlogs are the ones I get most excited about. Her style is a bit out of my comfort zone but I love it and it makes me want to try new things. She is also very real and doesn´t fake opinions or reviews.
So that´s that.
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Maybelline dream wonder nude foundation review

I love foundation launches, they are probably one of my all time favorite beauty products. So when I heard of "Maybelline dream wonder nude foundation", which is described as a Concentrated pigment that gives a flawless base that is 12x thinner than a normal foundation, I had to give it a go. And wow is it amazing. The foundation has this thin, liquid formula which when it goes on to your skin just blends away into the perfect every day base. You would think it wouldn´t cover much when it´s that thin in texture but I found it to give a great cover. I have a lot of redness and pigmentation so how well a foundation can hide that is important to me. 
But I have no problem with this one and it´s also very buildable so you can get to where you need it to be.
I like to apply it with my fingers or a beauty blender because I think it blends better in with your skin and I love the flawless base it gives. But if brushes are your thing i´m sure it will be fab that too.
Another thing about application is the dropper the bottle comes with, I don´t think it´s very sanitary to use it directly on your face so I just drop a few drops on the back of my hand and then use my fingers to dot it all over my face. This way you don´t get to much foundation on your face and you can really place it where you need it.
The only down side is the shade range because I have a light skintone with a bit more pink or natural undertones and this foundation is very yellow and orange based. But I think it will be perfect for summer time when I get some color.
My final thoughts are that I would recomend it. I think the idea of this products is new to the make up world and it works so well on both dry skin girls, like me, and oily skin people. And it´s pretty cheap.
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