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Fall time is my favorite season of the year. The sticky, warm weather from the summer months has dissapeared and the leaves turn red. All my warm sweater (a very small collection, need to go shopping asap) and boots gets to come out from my overpacked wardrobe and I can finally light all of my candles. Halloween is upon us and christmas is only weeks away. How can you not love autumn? But if you, for any wierd reason, don´t like it. Here are my favorite things that may get you in the fall time spirit. 
Beauty: During fall time, my skin gets drier and drier so I tend to go for the "less is more" make up look. No foundation, instead I use concealer where I need it (which is everywhere at the moment), some mascara on my curled lashes and a dark red or at least tinted lip. My favorite is "Baby lips in cherry me", it gives moisture and a hint of color. I have to admit, my nails are my priority. I know it´s fall time when I can start wearing my dark color and, as always, I use Essie polishes. My favorites are " a-list, Bahama mama and soul mate".
And for fragrance I adore my "Victoria secret pure seduction", it´s not only the most amazing, sweet, fall scent ever. It´s also a gorgeous bottle that lasts forever and it´s a pretty color.
Movies & tv-shows: For tv-shows I prefer the classics. "Buffy the vampire slayer" and "Charmed" are two of my all time favorite shows. They are full of love, suspense and gorgeous guys. I don´t know why, but they feel so autumn to me! My movies are quite different, on one side I love "The conjuring", i´m not usually a fan of scary movies but this one is just perfection. It´s not gory or disgusting, it´s more of a creepy movie that keeps you on your toes. I have seen it more than ones and I highly recomend it.
You can´t forget about "Hocus pocus", I mean, it´s a classic! I don´t think it´s scary but it´s funny and I love how, after years and years, it still is so good. My next one is "Marley & me". One of the cutest movies ever and I always cry at the end. I´m not a huge fan of Jennifer Aniston but she is amazing in this one. The movie itself is funny, sad and romatic and it makes me want a family and a crazy dog of my own.
And my last favorite fall/autumn movie is.... "Frozen"! I mean, how can you not love a animated movie about two girls that teach you that you don´t need a boy to save you and of course, Olaf. Wear can I find a Olaf for myself? And how cute isn´t sven and Kristoff, I want a kristoff. If you, against all odds, haven´t seen it. Do it!!
Snacks & drinks: When it gets colder my tea addiction shows it´s pretty face. And my favorite right now is "Pukka vanilla chai". A warming, spicy and delicious hot drink for all chai lovers out there, I know i´m not the only one! And when i´m in the cold drink mode, I go for the classic "diet coke". I mean, when is that ever wrong!? For snacking I tend to go for the healtier option which is "tangerines", which are so easy to eat that I always eat at least three. But when I feel naughty I go for some "Lindt blueberry intense dark chocolate" and before I got allergic to dairy (insert really sad face here!) I loved "lindt cookies and cream" which I couldn´t find so bought this one, i´m sure it´s good too!
Random stuff: As I said before, my candles get some love and my all time favorite is "Yankee candle in machintosh spice" which is just a yummy smelling one with a spicy bakery scent. I´m really bad at describing smells so just go and take a wiff yourself. A clothing favorite is my "cardigan from bikbok", it´s like wearing a blanket but this is more socially acceptable. It´s so cosy and worm and because it´s grey it makes my very black wardrobe a little bit more colorful, kinda, no not really but i´m trying, ok! "Fluffy socks" is also a must have, they are not only warm but you can also do some inside skiting in them. And you can find cheap ones pretty much everywhere.
For jewelry my "h&m gold rings" comes in handy, they are a simple but effective way of spicing up your outfit.
And last, but not least, fall is the perfect time to pick up on your reading. And if you don´t know what to read, I can highly recomend Lucy dillon "Lost dogs and lonely hearts" and "the secret of happy ever after". They are two of my favorite books I have ever read, which says something because I read so much. Perfect for rainy days with a cup of tea under your favorite blanket. True feel good books!
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Collective haul #2

Maxfactor mastertouch undereye concealer: I bought is when it was on 30% off because I haven´t heard any one talk about this and at first i really hated it. But when I used it a bit more I realized it wasn´t all that bad. I still don´t think it´s great, the price is to high for what you get but it covers dark circles pretty well and it´s creamy and pretty thick.
Maybelline color tattoo in "pink gold" £4.99 : Because i´m so fond of my "on and on bronze" one I decided to buy another color and this one was the only one that I liked. Pink gold is this gorgeous, shimmery pink color glides on like a dream. I usually just use it on it´s own but it´s also great as a base or any other eyeshadow you want to use and it doesn´t fade or crease.
Maybelline colorshow nail polish in "cool blue" £3.99 : I really like the maybelline polishes. They are really affordable, have great color options and they dry fast. So when I saw this just before summer kicked in I had to buy it and let me tell you, it hardly ever left my toe nails for the entire summer. It´s just a pretty, light blue color with no shimmer what so ever.
LÓréal triple active night cream £7: I think this is my second or third one. And this is the only night cream I have ever bought more then once so I think that says a lot. It´s very moisturizing for my dry skin and it lasts for forever. A little goes a long way, which is always good even though it´s not that expensive.
Seche vite dry top coat £9 : Ok. I caved. Even though the ingredients makes me want to cry a little bit inside. But the hype got to me and I was so tired at waiting for my nails to dry so i´m gonna use this one up and then try something else. But it´s really good, it dries (of course) fast, leaves your nails really glossy and they lasts for maybe 4-5 days. And the bottle is big so it will last forever.
Black shorts from VILA: I found these shorts and I fell head over heels, they are ust the cutest thing ever. The lace details are cute but because they are black it doesn´t look to over the top. They were perfect for summer and they are really comfortable. I think they will be very loved next year. 
LÓréal color riche nail polish in "lemon meringue" £4.99 : I have talked about how much I love these polishes before so I won´t go on about that, but I just have to mention how surprised I was when I tried it on my nails. I thought it would be very transparent but it´s so opaque. The color was adorable for summer time and makes your tan look great. But now that summer is gone i will put it in a box and save it for next spring/summer.
Don´t you worry, next collective haul will be here soon. I have a serious problem.
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