lazy days in the sun


Hi guys.

I have been kind of bad at updating lately and I thought I owe you an explanation. I´m not going to go in to details but my life is quite rough right now, I have a lot on my mind and most days i´m so sad and feel so bad that I can´t get through the day without crying. So I have left the city for the country to spend some time at our house there. Foot baths, flowers, sunny days, rainy days and 10 hours of sleep sums up my days out here. It´s like going to rehab and it feels like nothing bad can happen here and i´m far aways from everyone I know except my parents. Going home tomorrow, not happy about it. But I hope, with summer and holiday approaching, that it will only get better from here.

I have a lot of blogposts planned and i´m really excited about that so I hope you can bare with me until I have figured out my life. It can only get better from here, so stay tuned.

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sunday blues #1

I just have one word to describe this weekend, Amazing. Apart from a few hours yesterday i´ve felt good. The weather has been absolutely fanastic so I have spent so much time out in the sun I now look like a tomato.
I also ate an amazing lunch, my favorite kind of sandwich, salami and brie.
Saturday evening was very cosy, I spent it with some diet coke, my baby cat and of course my best friend netflix. Just started watching Suits an i´m in love. I love their humor and I kinda connect with Donna, she is so cocky and hilarious.
But every weekend must come to an end and I like to finish mine of with a pamper evening. And that´s what i´m doing right now. Face mask, white nailpolish, blogplanning and some more diet coke.
Hope you all had a great weekend.
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a love for instagram

Amelialiana - everyday kinda girl, she post pictures of her life, beauty products and her adorable dog Duke. She is also beautiful and has amazing style.
Negin_mirsalehi - one of my favorite fashion accounts. She is beautiful and has amazing style. She post pictures of her outfits, daily stuff and her travel adventures.
Kenzas - She owns swedens biggest fashion blog. She is gorgeous, have perfect style and a cute dog. Love her everyday pics and her outfit posts.
Billieroseblog - A blogger with a cute taste in fashion. Love her photos so much, they are beautiful and so full of inspiration. She is so worth following. 
Satnightalrite - So beautiful it´s insane and I adore her style and her youtube videos. Her makeup pictures and tutorials are just on point. She post about her life, her adorable dog and just random stuff.
Parisinfourmonths - A girl in france with cute style and this is the perfect account for you if you love fashion and france.
Likeneonlove - Another pretty, everyday account. A girl who likes makeup and have a taste for beautiful things.
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