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Hi guys.

I have been kind of bad at updating lately and I thought I owe you an explanation. I´m not going to go in to details but my life is quite rough right now, I have a lot on my mind and most days i´m so sad and feel so bad that I can´t get through the day without crying. So I have left the city for the country to spend some time at our house there. Foot baths, flowers, sunny days, rainy days and 10 hours of sleep sums up my days out here. It´s like going to rehab and it feels like nothing bad can happen here and i´m far aways from everyone I know except my parents. Going home tomorrow, not happy about it. But I hope, with summer and holiday approaching, that it will only get better from here.

I have a lot of blogposts planned and i´m really excited about that so I hope you can bare with me until I have figured out my life. It can only get better from here, so stay tuned.

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2 natural beauty secrets

During my very bad skin period I tried a lot of thing to help it get better. And one of those things, or two of those things, were honey and olive oil.
I love honey, not only for my tea but also to use as a facemask. It really helped with my horrible acne and angry, dry skin because it antibacterial, soothing and moisturizing. It´s kinda hard to work with so I try to pin back all my hair so it looks like i´m totally bold, and then i put on a thin layer of honey and leave it on for about 20 minutes and then rinse it of. It makes your skin feel very hydrated and it helped a lot with my acne. I also use it as a face wash, not when I wear makeup but in the mornings.
Olive oil is amazing for removing makeup, it melts away a lot and it feels very natural and cleansing. You can also use it as a hairmask, just blend in some with your favorite mask and put in from ears down. And you can use it as a cuticle moisturizer, just heat it up a bit in a bowl and put your fingers in it for about 10 minutes and then just rubb it in. And your done.
I try to use natural products when I can but they are often very expensive and ain´t nobody got money for that. But when you can use things you already own it´s awsome. So I hope these tips are useful for you.
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Current obsession: Candles

My two weakness are nailpolishes and candles. They are gorgeous and you can burn them or just use them as decor because they still make your room smell nice.
I love Ikea candes, they are cheap smell nice, burn well and are easy to find. My favorite smell is the cinnamon and apple one, they smell just like fall. But during spring and summer I love the pineapple or the vanilla one.
The pineapple one smells amazingly fruity and they are very cute and small. The vanilla candle is a big candle (second pic) and I put it in my flowerpot that´s also from Ikea. It looks really cute as decorationa as well.
But sometimes I want to live it up a bit and for those times I love yankee candles. They have so many scents and sizes to pick from, they burn really well and they have a strong scent. I have 2 scents, "Soft blanket" in the second to smallest size and they smell so fresh and a little bit sweet. I haven´t burned them at all until now because I don´t them to burn out. The second scent is "Macintosh spice" and I haven´t found a scent I love more than this one. It´s a true fall/winter scent with a lot of spice and a bit of apple I think. It smell so much and I love it so much! But, and this is a big but, they are kinda expensive. Not like the diptyque candles but they are still £19 for the medium size. So i try not to burn them that often.
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