Shoes on a budget

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nailpolish addict

When I was looking for something extra to add so my mums birthday gift I saw the new color show cry stallize line. And I bought one to give to her. But I couldn´t stop thinking about how I wanted one too, so I kinda bought one even though the last thing I need is more nailpolish. "Rose chic" is a pretty rose gold glitter shade. It´s very pretty but you need three coats or else it just looks kind of unfinished. But it´s very pretty and cheap so i´m happy i bought one. Taking the nailpolish of on the other hand, that´s someting I really don´t want to think about...
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What´s in my bag

I thought it would be fun to show you guys what´s in my every day school bag

1. Michael Kors wallet with all the important stuff.
2. My notebook, I would love to say that it´s full of inspiration and fun things but it´s actually just for school..
3. A book. I love reading and I can´t be without one. This one is new, just got it for my birthday!
4. Gum and coffein. It´s all you need to survive in school.
5. ELLE magazine and of course my phone. I have a samsung 4s and I love it so much!
6. Hand cream and my headphones.
7. And last but not least. My makeup bag. I only keep a few things in it. My powder (maybelline fit me), Loréal lip thing, I don´t know the name, it´s kind of scratched of, a concealer trio (make up store cover all mix), a face lipgloss and a powder brush.
So that´s all I keep in my school bag. Sometimes I also bring a book I need for school or a snack but other than that this is it!
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