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coachella vibes

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the spring/summer edit

Spring is here which mean summer is upon us. I hope we all are excited, I know i´m looking forward to having my windows open 24/7 and spending some time in the sun. It´s the small things that count, so I thought I would make another edit to get you all in the spring/summer spirit.
TV/Movies: Even though the weather might be nice I still love to watch movies and tv shows this time of year. My first favorite is Tangled. It´s one of my all time favorite disney movies because it´s funny, cute and romantic. I love the white horse and Rapunzels attitude to life, we should all learn from her! Next favorite is a tv show; Hawaii 5-0. O.m.g. This show is so good. Not only because we have the super hunk playing the navy seal but also because it´s exciting, incredibly funny and some times even romantic.
Veronica Mars is an oldy but it´s still really good, I feel very connected to Veronica because she is stubborn, caring and I only wish I was as funny as she is. I love the charachters and you really bond with them, even the bad ones. Another movie favorite is a newer one, The other women, and oh how I love this one. It´s so hilarious so you should be ready for stomach cramps from laughing and the three girls are just on point, their charachters are so funny and cute and even though the story is kind of crazy it´s still relatable.
My last tv show favorite is Blue bloods, and I watched the first three season way to fast to be normal. But it´s really thrilling and if you don´t fall in love with that family there´s something wrong with you! It´s funny at times and sad other times. I recomend it very much. The last movie is Bride Wars, one of the best chick flicks ever made! Two of my favorite actresses are in it, Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson and they play their parts so good. I wish I had a friendship like there´s, serious friendship goals. This one is,as all the other ones, funny and romantic and really real to life and if you haven´t seen it, run out now and buy it!
Snacks & drinks: I forgot one drink but I thought I would mention it still because it´s my favorite out of all of these things. Snapple Mango madness is really sweet but still refreshing and perect for those hot summer days when it feels like you are melting under the sun. The bottle is also very cute and can be used as a vase.
Next is my all year round favorite, Diet coke, I mean.. it never gets old does it!? I don´t think I need to explain this one, it´s just tasty.
Frozen mango sounds very weird but it tastes like frozen yoghurt and the cooling sensation is perfect for hot days and it´s a healthy alternative to ice cream. But trust me, there will be Ice cream too! My last favorite is M&M´s mint, I can´t eat many of these because i´m kinda allergic to chocolate but for those of you, very lucky, people who can eat it you should try these. I don´t normally like mint things but these taste so good, not to minty and it´s dark chocolate which mean they´re not to unhealthy.
Random stuff: I read books every season but I tend to read more during the hotter months because I try to spend some time outside and I can´t just lay out in the sun, I get bored, I need something to do so I tend to read. My favorite books for these months are Nicholas Sparks The Last song. An incredible book about Ronnie who´s life have been turned up side down when her parents divorced and her dad moved from New York to Wilmington, North Carolina. Three years later she´s still angry at her parents but is forced to spend the summer with her dad and her younger brother after she made some bad choices. The tale teach her and us about the frist love, pain and hearbreak. I love this book and I have read it more times than I can count. But it´s just one of those books.
My other book favorite is by Lucy Dillon, who I have talked a lot about, the book is called Lost dogs and lonely hearts and it´s the first book I ever read by her and was the reason I fell in love with her way of telling stories. The story is about Rachel who had a rough year where she lost her job, her home and her boyfriend at the same time. And as if that wasn´t enough she also lost her aunt and inherited a house and kennel for lost dogs. Rachel knows nothing about dogs, which the local veterinarian Geroge love to remind her of, but as time goes buy she get to know more about dogs and about life.
I also have a candle favorite, Yankee candle soft blanket is a candle I got from my brother and his wife. The scent is very clean but still sweet and to me it´s perfect for the wormer months. I usually like fruity scents for summer but I love this one, it just smell amazing and it will last forever!
My last random favorite is my Asos sunglasses. I have mentioned these a couple of times but I had to mention them again. They are just gorgeous and one must always were sunglasses in the spring and summer time.
Songs: I love music all year around but I have a few song I listen to every summer because they remind me of the trip me and my sister went on 2 years ago to Turkey. The songs i´m talking about is "So big by Iyaz" and "Summer paradise (ft.Sean Paul) by Simple plan". I also have three songs I have been listening to recently that I just love. "Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding", "I don´t mind by Usher" and "Say my name by Destiny´s child".
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