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Valentine´s day picks

Valentine´s day is not only the perfect day for Couples to buy stuff for each other but also mine and my mums birthday! And if you can´t wear all the make up on your birthday, then when can you?! So i decided to go for it and also do a blog post about it. Some of these are new favorites and some are old ones.
My favorite primer right now is Lumene Beauty base. It keep my skin matte and my make up lasts all day, which is extra important on your birthday. (No make up fading here please).I like that is´s really affordable but also as good as any high street primer you can find at Sephora.  After that comes my cc Cream from Maxfactor, that I have mentioned a lot so I promise i´ll keep it short, but it´s more like a Foundation and it gives great coverage and works with my really dry skin. My concealer is an under-Eye one from the body shop that brightens and is quite easy to blend. I really recomend it.
For powder I wanted to use one that I know will look good. Maybelline Fit me powder keeps you matte and still doesn´t look powdery or to much.

Last christas I got an Eye shadow palette from Sephora that I just love. The formula is creamy and the more shimmery shades doesn´t fall down on your face. They are easy to blend and very natural colors.I used the Maybelline color tattoo in "pink gold" as a base and you already know how much I love the color tattoos. I have this Lancóme Hypnose mascara that i´m trying out. Not sure I get the hype though because it crumbles and leave black dots under my Eyes. But I will try it some more. For lips I Went with a nude option because I knew we would eat and drink a lot so I didn´t want something I would have to fuss with. And this lip gloss, that I will mention in February favorites, is Amazing. A nudie pink with a glossy finish that lasts for a couple of hours.
Last but not least are my real techniques brushes that I love. I use the setting brush, expert face brush and the Eye shadow ones very much and they are great quality especially for the price.
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NOTW: #3

This weeks manicure is a bit more subtle. I have lusted after Essie Master plan for a long, long time, but when I was at the essi counter a few days ago I just bought it. Welcome to my collection.
As with all Essie polishes it´s great quality and really opaque, the color is the perfect eveyday nude that leans more to the grey side than for example Sand tropez (another favorite) that´s more on the brown side. Im trying to grow out my nails and to make them stronger and this is a perfect color for shorter nails but also looks great now that my nails are a bit longer. I would say it´s a must have in any girls nail polish collection.
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