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Hi friends. Thanks to my dads interest in my blog I now have my own address. I hope you like my blog, thank you for your support.
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7 things: songs I love

I love music, I pretty much listen to it every day. When i´m in the shower, before I go to sleep, sometimes when I sleep and of course when i´m out and about. So I thought I would kickstart my new category "7 things" with my favorite songs right now.
#1 Ready or not by Bridgit mendler: This is my happy song when I need some more pepp in my stepp. She has a beautiful voice and the song is very light and upbeat.
#2 Want U back by Cher Lloyd: She is a new descover of mine and i´m in love. She is funny, have an amazing singing voice and she is gorgeous. This song is the perfect "singing in the shower" or cleaning song. 
#3 Show me by Chris Brown & Kid Ink: I´m not a fan of chris brown in general but damn he can sing. Kid Ink is another new one to me and so far so good. This song is a great chill song for when your working, reading och just chatting away with your friends. 
#4 My boots by LIGHTS: I looove this song, it´s so good! I love how it starts and the lyrics to this song. This is another shower, working or cleaning song. If you haven´t heard it you seriously need to!
#5 Can´t hold us feat. Ray Dalton by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: Perfect dance song or for when i´m feeling low. I also like listening to this when I clean. Dancing makes cleaning so much more fun.
#6 Thightrope the solo version by Janelle Monáe: Another happy song by a girl who has an amazing voice. When I feel a bit tired or low I put this on and It´s like 5 cups of coffee in 4.25 minutes.
#7 Ladykiller feat. Lauren Rantala by Sohella: I don´t really now how to describe this song because it´s different to anything else I like to listen to but I love the lyrics, her one of a kind voice and it´s perfect for when your on your way to work, school or something like that.
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sleeping beauty

Some night´s it takes forever to fall asleep and those nights almost always appear when you have to get upp really early the next morning. But when I know I have to go up early the next day I have a few tips and tricks to make you real sleepy.
Tip 1: No coffein or sugar three hours before bed. Or you´ll be a hyper bunny all night long.
Tip 2: Try to avoid tv, phone, ipad and other electronics, they make you wide awake.
Tip 3: Have a cup of tea before you brush your teeth. The wormth is very soothing.
Tip 4: A hot bath or shower is always a good idea. And when you get out of the shower, use your favorite body butter and jump in your favorite pj.
Tip 5: And my last tip is to crawl into your bed with a good, happy book and I can almost promise that you´ll fal asleep.
Sweet dreams!
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