hey, i´m the person who used to blog here...

Hey guys,
i´m so sorry for my absence. Just as I planned to come back in full force and I had a few ideas my cord to my computer died. So I have been computer-less for a week which have been an interesting experiance. I guess I now know how it was growing up in the good old days. I have temporarily stolen/borrowed my mums computer but she doesn´t have any of my programs or my photos so until I have my computer back (pray for it´s soul please!) I won´t be able to put anything up.
Just thought that I owned you guys an explanation and a "i´m sorry". Hope you all are doing well.
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times fly when you´re having fun

Hey guys, long time no blogging. I didn´t mean to take a break, I promise, it just turned out that way. So I thought that I would do a little catch up post before I through myself into all thing beauty.

When I wrote my last post I was at my sisters place to babysit her two cats while their where in Cypern. It was really hot and at least three thunder -and rain storms, which Musli didn´t like at all, but it was a relaxing week with a lot of "criminal minds" watching, drawing and drinking of water. I Also ate some of the best sushi i´ve ever had. But all good times must come to an end so back to the country house I went. We stayed for about a week and then my mum and I drove home because my parents had to go back to work.
Another great moment was when my sister came with us to the country side. We saw a very big, and apparently very rare, type of grasshopper and a scary larva with a sharp thorn in his ass. But times fly when you´re having fun and we went back home.
I have been busy doing just normal everyday stuff, cleaning, washing clothes, booking time at the hairdresser and going to a thing my mum and I had to do before we can start driving. But i´m back now and so is my blog, so keep your eyes open. Hope you had a nice couple of weeks. see you soon!
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night time skincare routine

If i´m wearing makeup, I start by removing it with olive oil. I found it really moisturizing and I like the thought of the fact that it´s just olives and nothing sketchy.
Then I wash my face with my, so far, favorite cleanser. LÓréal sublime gel-cream, it´s so soft on the skin and it doesn´t leave my skin feeling stripped or oily. It´s also drugstore so it´s pretty cheap for such a good product.
Next step is a toner, I use one that´s in the same line as my cleanser. I like it but it stings my eyes so I wouldn´t recomend using it around the eye area. It´s moisturizing and smells good so I will use it up and then try something else.
My product is a favorite and also my favorite step in my routine. I use my LUSH tea tree water to treat pimples and prevent them from coming back. It´s smells good and feels amazing on the skin, especially in the summer time when it´s really hot, this is so cooling. Mine is almost out so I will have to buy a new one soon.
My last step is mosturizing. I like to try different ones here but lately I have been using LÓréal triple active night cream which I love so much that I bought a new one instead of trying another brand. It smells nice but not to much, it´s kind to my sensitive skin and it´s so hydrating.
OK, i lied. That wasn´t my last step. My last step is my spot treatment. ACO cover stick is amazing, I put some on if I know that i´m staying home for the next few hours or before I go to bed. It works really well and dries the spot out after only a few uses. I buy it at my drugstore but I think you can order it online if you live in the US or UK.
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