Hair care picks

I am not a huge fan when it comes to hair care, to be honest I think it´s very boring. But I also know it´s important to take care of it so I am trying to learn. These are the products I love right now for a good hair day.
LÓréal Ever sleek schampoo: My mum bought this one for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I was really excited because I´ve heard a lot about Loréal´s hair brand. It did not dissapoint. Now that my hair are just below my shoulders I don´t have to use conditioner every time (it´s heaven! It takes half the time to dry, I don´t need a whole bottle every time and the showers are so fast.) so it was important for me to have a schampoo that´s not stripping. The formula is very moisturising without weighing my hair down and it still gets clean. The price is also a bonus.
Sachajuan Hair repair: I´ve heard whispers in the blog world about this brand and I was quite curious to try it out. The smell is not my favorite, I have to admit, it´s very man-like and strong but the way my hair feels after using it ways up all the cons! It´s soft, doesn´t get greasy faster and it feels like it´s doing something not just laying on top of the hair like a coat. This one is also pretty affordable.
Aussie 3 minute miracle: Ok, I mostly love this because it smells amazing but it is also great at addind moisture back to my hair, you don´t have to leave it in forever and it´s cheap. I don´t know how well it actually works, but for me it works just fine. I like to switch up my conditioners so I don´t use the same all the time and this is a great addition.
Phc salt spray: Now that my hair is shorter I can finally get some volume in it, it´s still a bit hard because it´s so thick but this salt spray doesn´t leave my hair feeling sticky or stiff, it just adds a bit of volume and texture. I also like how cheap it is, a little goes a long way and the mist is very even when you spray it on your hair.
The last thing I do to take care of my hair is to do a deep treatment mask maybe once a month and I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. Dry schampoo is your friend!
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How to get things done

I am, like most people, always a work in progress and one of the things I struggle with the most is to be productive and have some what of a schedule. But I am getting better at it the older I get and the more I learn and these are a few things that helps me get things done.
* Put away your phone - it´s very hard to be productive when your scrolling through instagram or tweeting away. put the phone down, you will survive a couple of hours without it I promise!
* Set up a schedule for yourself - whether you are a morning person or a evening person a clear schedule of how you are going to work during the day is always good. Don´t forget to put in a few breaks when you can update your instagram, grap a cup of tea or just flip through a magazine.
* Keep the are around you clean - this is something I have only just learned this year. It´s very hard to try to focus when you have books, papers, make up and what not all over your desk. A clear space is a clear mind.
* Write to do lists - I have always been a huge fan of making lists. There is something so comforting with crossing of things you get done and having the rest of what you need to do in front of you. I always do two different type of lists; "the weekly list" of what I want to get done during the whole week and "the daily list" of daily goals and things I have to remember.
* Take breaks - as I mentioned earlier, don´t forget the breaks! No one will be producive if they work for hours without a breathing pause. It can be enough with only 10 minutes, just make sure you take some.
* Use a calender - I love buying a new planner every year. Getting to pick what design you want and how big you want it to be. Seeing all of those clear pages of days that are filled with possibilities. It´s also a great way to plan out weeks a head so you don´t forget about important things like doctors appointments and birthdays.
* Priorities - When you write your to do lists and make your schedule, make sure you put the most important things first. It might seem like the obvious thing to do but this goes with the boring things too. Get them done first so you can do the other, more fun stuff after. And if your day looks really full, see if somethings can´t be moved to another day.
* Make meal plans - now this is not my thing, my family are more the "go to the shop and grab some things when we need it " type. But it´s a great idea to meal plan. Plan out all the meals for the next week and then you can do a big grocery shop and get all the things you need. Then you´ll save a lot of time running around trying to figure out what to buy and what to eat and you will feel less stressed.
Hope you find them helpful and have a productive week.
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7 things: when you´re stressed

We all get stressed sometimes, about life, work or school. These are 7 things I try to remember when I feel like there is no way out and this is never going to work.
* It´s not as bad as it seems - your situation is almost never as bad as you think it is.
* You don´t have to work in any other pace than yours.
* You are not the only one who feels the pressure, people just don´t like to talk about it.
* Letting go of what´s stressing you out can help you see it in a new way - maybe the thing your stressing about isn´t that big of a deal.
* Don´t take everything to seriously - if it´s not gonna end your life it´s not worth stressing over.
* Don´t put to much pressure on yourself - a little will make you work harder but a lot will make you panic and give in to your hysteria.
* Whatever problem you have now won´t last forever.
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