a new world

Hi friends. Thanks to my dads interest in my blog I now have my own address. I hope you like my blog, thank you for your support.
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sleeping beauty

Some night´s it takes forever to fall asleep and those nights almost always appear when you have to get upp really early the next morning. But when I know I have to go up early the next day I have a few tips and tricks to make you real sleepy.
Tip 1: No coffein or sugar three hours before bed. Or you´ll be a hyper bunny all night long.
Tip 2: Try to avoid tv, phone, ipad and other electronics, they make you wide awake.
Tip 3: Have a cup of tea before you brush your teeth. The wormth is very soothing.
Tip 4: A hot bath or shower is always a good idea. And when you get out of the shower, use your favorite body butter and jump in your favorite pj.
Tip 5: And my last tip is to crawl into your bed with a good, happy book and I can almost promise that you´ll fal asleep.
Sweet dreams!
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Sunday blues #2

This weekend was amazing, and I thought I would tell you about the best moments that happened.
So my weekend begun thursday at lunchtime when me and my dad packed up and left the city for our country house. And when we stopped to buy food we bought sushi for dinner. And it was so good, best sushi so far.
My second favorite moment happened on friday when we decided to have a chill day and I just lay out in the sun and drifted between sleep and awake. I also took my camera and just walked around in our garden and took photos of beautiful flowers and my cat.
My third moment was on our boat ride. It was a four hour trip to Åland and back. It was so sunny and hot. We sat by the window and ate brunch bufé and I had a lot of tea. Then we chilled in the sun for about three hours (i´m going to look like a brownie after this summer) and had some pepsi with ice and lemon to cool me down. And then my dad totally spoiled me in taxfree onboard, thanks dad!
And that was my weekend in three moments. I´m kinda sad that i´m home now, because i´m not as sad at ur house there than here, in our apartement. But that´s life I guess.
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