3 moment last month

# Wednesday 4/3: I got my first, ever package from Asos.com. Four Rimmel products (you can´t get rimmel in store in Sweden) and I will let you know how we get on. But i´m really excited, of course #beautyjunkey, about my new things.
# Monday 9/3: I got my second package from Asos, I´m sensing a problem here, but this time I ordered sunglasses (thoughts are coming later on), a Korres face mask and a concealer/highlighter from LÓréal i´ve heard lots about. A thing I love about Asos is how fast my things got here, five days is not a very long time.
# Saturday 21/3: We spent some time at out country house and one of my favorite thing to do there is sitting by the kitchen window and look at all the birds who eat the food we leave them. And, if you´re lucky, you might see a Squirrel. Meet George, he is a new family friend and he visits us a few times a week and eat all the food.
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February & march favorites

There haven´t been that much stuff for the last two months that I liked so I thought I would put two together. My first favorite is, suprise suprise, a book. I´m a huge fan of Lucy Dillon, as you already probably know, so when I got this for my birthday I was really happy.
"A hundred pieces of me is about Gina Bellamy who is trying to start over after a few years she´d rather forget. She decides to only keep one hundred things and the rest can go, but then she has to come to term with her past and learning more about life and it´s harder than she´d ever imagined."
This is a really heartwarming book about life and that everything may seem hard but you will get thourgh it. I love feel-good books and this one, as well as the other ones she wrote, is right up my alley.
My new Asos Sunglasses will be in another blog post so I won´t talk about them to much, but I had to mention them because I love them. For only £12 they´re so worth it, the shape, the color and the fit. Love them!
A problem a lot of people get when it´s cold outside is that our skin gets so dry it almost hurts and I have been trying everything to try to keep it some what hydrated, but it´s so hard. But a few months ago I got the Weleda Hydrating masque and hydrating cream and they have been a real game changer. They smell really herbal, which I love, and they feel smooth and hydrating on the skin. I use them about 2 times a week for 20-30 minutes and they really make a difference in how tight my skin feels. A plus is that they are really natural.
Maybelline color sensastional gloss in "Cashmere rose" is one i´ve heard a lot about, so finally I just bought it. I´m not really a gloss person, they are almost always really sticky and too glossy. But the maybelline one is the perfect everyday nude color with the right amount of glossy to it and it´s not sticky! The cute name is just a bonus, who´s not a sucker for adorable product names?!
Something everyone is always telling me is that I should use sun cream, so I did. My favorite so far is NIVEA anti age sun cream, it´s cheap and smells just right. Another great, and the most important, thing is that it´s not oily or makes my skin feel greasy. I have used it for a couple of weeks now and there´s no sun burn to talk about. I love the smell of sun cream, it just reminds me of summer and holidays to Turkey with my family.
Since I have been enjoying my other ones I thought I had to try the Real techniques Stippling brush, and it doesn´t dissapoint. It´s just as soft and high quality as the rest of them. I have tried it with foundation, cream blush and powder and it have applied everything nicely and without looking caky. So here´s another brush to add to your shopping list.
My last favorite this month is a movie, Pride. "U.K. gay activists work to help miners during their lengthy strike of the National Union of Mineworkers in the summer of 1984." (imdb.com) It´s a funny, emotional and amazing movie that made me cry of happiness and sadness. I didn´t expect to love it as much as I did, but the characters were so well thought out and the actors so good that I just fell head over heels. So even if you don´t think you´ll like it, give it a go because it´s actually life changing.
And that´s all for the last two months, hopefully i´ll have more beauty products next month, stay tuned!
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Spring & summer nail polish picks

As a huge nail polish fan I thought I should share my favorite nail polishes for spring and summer.
Even though the NailsINC "Winter lilac" doesn´t scream spring or summer, the color is so beautiful i´ll wear it every single day all year round. The formula is really fast drying and two coats is enough to make it opaque. This one is from the alexa chung edit, and it´s gorgeous. I think i´ll have to pick some more up from this brand.
This shade is a classic, Essie "Sand tropez" is a must have in any nail polish addicts collection. The shade goes with many skin colors and it really is the perfect nude. I need 3 coats to make it opaque men the formula gets better after a while. And as with all essie polishes it´s great quality and worth the price.
OPI "Hula-rious" is a new addition to my family and it´s part of the Hawaii collection. It´s the perfect summer shade and I look forward to wearing it with a tan this summer. It´s a pretty, bright green color and I found that three coats is the perfect number. So if you want to pick one color from their new collection, pick this one!
Another classic polish is Essie "Fiji". A stunning, light pink that goes so well with a tan. It needs two coats and is perfect for this time of year. It´s the perfect pick if you´re going on vaccation and want something that will go with every outfit and last for a long time, this one is a classic for a reason.
L´Oréal "Lemon Meringue", a pastel yellow that´s a little bit out of my comfort zone but I had to buy it because I love pastels. The formula is thicker than I thought it would be and two coats is enough. I really like the L´Oréal polishes because they are cheap but they last for a long time and there are some amazing colors to pick from. The bottle also has the right amount of product so you get to use it up before it goes bad.
My last favorite is a new one, Essie "Lilacism" is a polish i´ve heard about from a lot of people. I have a thing for blue or purple colors all year round but because this one is so bright it´s perfect for summer time. You only need two coats and I think this one and the NailsINC one is my favorites.
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