sorry i've been kind of MIA lately. I spend a lot of time at my internship and my days are very long. so i'm putting my blog on hold until this weekend when i'm free. hope u guys understand. xx
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What´s in my bag

I thought it would be fun to show you guys what´s in my every day school bag

1. Michael Kors wallet with all the important stuff.
2. My notebook, I would love to say that it´s full of inspiration and fun things but it´s actually just for school..
3. A book. I love reading and I can´t be without one. This one is new, just got it for my birthday!
4. Gum and coffein. It´s all you need to survive in school.
5. ELLE magazine and of course my phone. I have a samsung 4s and I love it so much!
6. Hand cream and my headphones.
7. And last but not least. My makeup bag. I only keep a few things in it. My powder (maybelline fit me), Loréal lip thing, I don´t know the name, it´s kind of scratched of, a concealer trio (make up store cover all mix), a face lipgloss and a powder brush.
So that´s all I keep in my school bag. Sometimes I also bring a book I need for school or a snack but other than that this is it!
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last week: birthday, sunshine and family.

This week started kind of wierd. They had to shut of our water because there was a leak somewhere in our apartment building. So we could only use our guest bathroom, aka my bathroom and we had to use buckets with water to wash our hands and stuff like that. But it was only for like 30 hours so we were fine.
I also ate the best salad of my life, saw the sun for the first time in weeks and celebrated mine and my mother birthday on valentine´s day. I had an amazing birthday with my whole family and I got some really nice things. I love my new Audrey Hepburn painting and my new leather jacket (fake).  I hope you had a really nice week and are ready for a new one.
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