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Kampen för att få volym i mitt tjocka, halvlånga hår har pågått under flera år och är något jag vägrar ge upp om men samtidigt är jag inte så mycket för hårvård överhvudtaget så....
Men i alla fall, nu har jag äntligen hittat en produkt som inte luktar gammal öl och som inte får mitt hår att se ut som svenska hollywood fruarnas. Björn Axén texture & volume dry spray är, som namnet nämner, en torr spray så håret blir bara lite klibbigt, vilket går över efter typ en kvart, och inte alls blött. Äntligen ser jag inte ut som tjejen från the grudge varje dag, utan som en hyffsat normal person. En annan bonus är prislappen.
Björn Axén texture & volume dry spray finns på åhléns, Kicks och vissa stormarknader för ca. 145:-
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Hair care picks

I am not a huge fan when it comes to hair care, to be honest I think it´s very boring. But I also know it´s important to take care of it so I am trying to learn. These are the products I love right now for a good hair day.
LÓréal Ever sleek schampoo: My mum bought this one for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I was really excited because I´ve heard a lot about Loréal´s hair brand. It did not dissapoint. Now that my hair are just below my shoulders I don´t have to use conditioner every time (it´s heaven! It takes half the time to dry, I don´t need a whole bottle every time and the showers are so fast.) so it was important for me to have a schampoo that´s not stripping. The formula is very moisturising without weighing my hair down and it still gets clean. The price is also a bonus.
Sachajuan Hair repair: I´ve heard whispers in the blog world about this brand and I was quite curious to try it out. The smell is not my favorite, I have to admit, it´s very man-like and strong but the way my hair feels after using it ways up all the cons! It´s soft, doesn´t get greasy faster and it feels like it´s doing something not just laying on top of the hair like a coat. This one is also pretty affordable.
Aussie 3 minute miracle: Ok, I mostly love this because it smells amazing but it is also great at addind moisture back to my hair, you don´t have to leave it in forever and it´s cheap. I don´t know how well it actually works, but for me it works just fine. I like to switch up my conditioners so I don´t use the same all the time and this is a great addition.
Phc salt spray: Now that my hair is shorter I can finally get some volume in it, it´s still a bit hard because it´s so thick but this salt spray doesn´t leave my hair feeling sticky or stiff, it just adds a bit of volume and texture. I also like how cheap it is, a little goes a long way and the mist is very even when you spray it on your hair.
The last thing I do to take care of my hair is to do a deep treatment mask maybe once a month and I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. Dry schampoo is your friend!
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The tale of the tangle teezer

Last christmas I got a pink tangle teezer from my mum, it had been on my wish list/ to buy list for a while but I didn´t really think it would be any different from my other hair brushes. Before this brush I brushed my hair maybe twice a week because I have so much of it and I just didn´t like the way my hairbrush made my hair feel. It just made it feel static and it hurt. But this brush is amazing, it just glides through my hair and doesn´t make my hair feel or look frissy. I also like the shape, it´s really comfortable to hold and it´s pink, which only makes it better. Another thing I like about it is that it´s easy to clean and it dries fast. I´m really happy with my gift and I highly recomend it!
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