october favorites

October is probably my all time favorite month, the leaves are shifting color and the air is crisp so I am sad to see that this month is over, but I do have some things I have loved and I wanted to share them.
H&M lip contour in "cherry tart": As I have mentioned in a previous blog post I really love the new make up launch from hm and this month I discovered a new lip pencil color. Cherry tart is a beautiful dark plum color with a matte finish that lasts for at least a couple of hours on your lips. I find it easy to apply and it fades very discreteely. The fact that it´s so cheap and easy to find is just a bonus.
Iphone 6+ (and my phone case from fyndiq.se): I jumped back to the apple owners family again about 2 months ago and left my samsung to be left in a drawer. But I don´t feel bad about it because I love my new phone. I adore the big screen, the camera and that I can finally find all the apps I want. The design is big but still sleek and the battery lasts for 2 whole days! (my last one didn´t even last one) There is not a single bad thing about it, it´s just true love.
NYX nail polish in "CN151": I got this nail polish for free maybe four months ago and haven´t really worn it or even looked at it until this month. Let me just say that the color in the bottle is not at all the color it is on your nails. In one light it looks like this pretty rose pink and in the next a gorgeous pinky toned gold. I have never seen a nail polish quite like this. And the fact that it dries fast, applies easily and is cheap makes it even better.
Dove purely pampering body lotion: I am a huge fan of the body shops body butters, as you all know by now, but sometimes I don´t have the time to sit around and wait for it to sink in and it´s those days I pick up this little friend. The smell is amazing, a nutty fall time smell that goes perfectly with this time of the year. It sinks in fast but still leaves my skin feeling deeply hydrated and the smell stays on your skin for a couple of hours after. I don´t think I will ever stop using it, I think I have found my dream lotion.
Urbanears headphones: Oooh, aren´t they pretty!? I got them with my phone, what a catch, when I bought it and I haven´t stopped wearing them since. The sound quality is really amazing and when you listen to music you don´t hear all the things going on around you. That is something I really appreciate when I am on a bus with screaming kids in front of me. I can also forget about all the people and just let the music absorb everything else. I have wanted these for quite a while but didn´t want to spend the money on them, but now I am really glad I got them.
SPY: My last favorite for this month is a movie that I watched with my parent only a week ago. Spy is a movie with movie stars like Jude Law and Melissa McCarthy and the story line is about a CIA analyst who volunteer to go undercover in the world of a deadly arms dealer. I can´t remember the last time I laughed so much watching a movie, as always Melissa is just hilariously charming and her role is perfect in so many ways. If you haven´t seen this parody of the bond movies you should seriously do it, just do it!
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June favorites

Another month is over and it´s time to tell you about the things I have been loving. Lets keep it a bit short and sweet shall we.
Nivea gentle cleansing cream - a simple, nice smelling and, as the name mentions, gentle cleansing cream. I use it morning and night to keep my skin fresh but I don´t use it to remove make up becuase it´s not that effective. But it´s drugstore and it does the job without drying out my skin so i´m happy with it!
Fruitus "Apricot and oat bar"- I´m trying to be better at eating and keeping a snack in my bag at all times so i´m trying out a lot of stuff to find something I like. And this was really good, it´s sweet but not sickly sweet and the oats makes it very filling and it tastes great. They are also pretty cheap so I will be trying more flavors from this brand. You can find it at local health stores or at halo foods website.
RImmel moisture lipstick in "Notthing hill nude" - I found this to be the perfect everyday lipstick, it goes great with every make up look and also for those days, which are most days lets be honest, when you don´t want to wear much on your skin. It´s very soft on the lips and the color is natural with a pinky brown tone.
Essie nail polish in "Splash of grenadine" - The perfect color for spring and summer, a vibrant purple color with a bit of pink in it. I find it takes 2-3 coats and it lasts for a good 5 days. You gotta love a good essie polish.
Le journal notebook (abramsbooks.com) - My mum bought this notebook for me because she knows i´m a total stationary addict and I love it. The colors are very parisian and chic which is great and I keep only good moments and things in it.
Grace and Frankie - o.m.g. There are no words to describe how much I love this tv show! it´s a netflix original and i have already re-watched it. The humor is right up my street, Grace is a real piece of work and it´s so cute. I´m trying to force my parents to watch it because you can not not love it. So if you haven´t seen it, do it!
Rituals rice milk & cherry blossom hand lotion - I tried it for the first time last summer at my sisters place and it was love at first smell, it´s floral but not in a grandma kinda way and it´s still sweet. I use it every night before bed and it put me in the right mood and i can´t get enough of the scent.
Jurassic world - My dad and I went to the cinema and watched it and it was the best movie i´ve seen in months. It was quite a bit of action but it was also funny and cute. I just want to watch it over and over. You know when you watch a movie and every time you think about it you get butterflies in you stomach, no? Just me? well that´s how I feel about Jurrasic world. Chris pratt was also really good and his hotness is on another level.
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February & march favorites

There haven´t been that much stuff for the last two months that I liked so I thought I would put two together. My first favorite is, suprise suprise, a book. I´m a huge fan of Lucy Dillon, as you already probably know, so when I got this for my birthday I was really happy.
"A hundred pieces of me is about Gina Bellamy who is trying to start over after a few years she´d rather forget. She decides to only keep one hundred things and the rest can go, but then she has to come to term with her past and learning more about life and it´s harder than she´d ever imagined."
This is a really heartwarming book about life and that everything may seem hard but you will get thourgh it. I love feel-good books and this one, as well as the other ones she wrote, is right up my alley.
My new Asos Sunglasses will be in another blog post so I won´t talk about them to much, but I had to mention them because I love them. For only £12 they´re so worth it, the shape, the color and the fit. Love them!
A problem a lot of people get when it´s cold outside is that our skin gets so dry it almost hurts and I have been trying everything to try to keep it some what hydrated, but it´s so hard. But a few months ago I got the Weleda Hydrating masque and hydrating cream and they have been a real game changer. They smell really herbal, which I love, and they feel smooth and hydrating on the skin. I use them about 2 times a week for 20-30 minutes and they really make a difference in how tight my skin feels. A plus is that they are really natural.
Maybelline color sensastional gloss in "Cashmere rose" is one i´ve heard a lot about, so finally I just bought it. I´m not really a gloss person, they are almost always really sticky and too glossy. But the maybelline one is the perfect everyday nude color with the right amount of glossy to it and it´s not sticky! The cute name is just a bonus, who´s not a sucker for adorable product names?!
Something everyone is always telling me is that I should use sun cream, so I did. My favorite so far is NIVEA anti age sun cream, it´s cheap and smells just right. Another great, and the most important, thing is that it´s not oily or makes my skin feel greasy. I have used it for a couple of weeks now and there´s no sun burn to talk about. I love the smell of sun cream, it just reminds me of summer and holidays to Turkey with my family.
Since I have been enjoying my other ones I thought I had to try the Real techniques Stippling brush, and it doesn´t dissapoint. It´s just as soft and high quality as the rest of them. I have tried it with foundation, cream blush and powder and it have applied everything nicely and without looking caky. So here´s another brush to add to your shopping list.
My last favorite this month is a movie, Pride. "U.K. gay activists work to help miners during their lengthy strike of the National Union of Mineworkers in the summer of 1984." (imdb.com) It´s a funny, emotional and amazing movie that made me cry of happiness and sadness. I didn´t expect to love it as much as I did, but the characters were so well thought out and the actors so good that I just fell head over heels. So even if you don´t think you´ll like it, give it a go because it´s actually life changing.
And that´s all for the last two months, hopefully i´ll have more beauty products next month, stay tuned!
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