7 things: more about me

#1 I love my naps! There is nothing that gives me more joy than crawling under a blanket, on my bed and taking a nap, and I usually take like 1hr naps. Powernaps never made sense to me.
#2 I have a guitar I forget to use. I love playing it but I don´t have room for it in my room so I have to store in in my closet and I always forget about it.
#3 I don´t like anything floral scented. It doesn´t matter if it´s candles or perfume, floral stuff gives me a headache.
#4 I can´t watch the new. I wish I could, but I just get so sad and really really angry. The world is so screwed up and I feel so helpless watching it so I don´t.
#5 I can´t stand selfish and negative people. You know the kind, they only talk about "me" now "we" and they complain about everything. The glass is not half empty it´s totally empty and broken.
#6 I am a re-watched and a re-reader. If I like something I will watch it or read over and over until I can all the lines by heart and the pages are so broken you can´t turn them.
#7 I really love chocolate, it´s the best thing ever. But I can´t eat it because I am kinda allergic, stomach pains and I feel sick. FML!
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