The perfect red lip

The perfect red lip is not that easy to find. Either the lip liner is to dry and doesn´t apply like it should or the lipstick is a weird shade of red that gives you yellow teeth. Well, I have found the perfect liner and lipstick for a red lip that works both during the summer months and when christmas roles around again. The lipstick i´m talking about is from LÓréal collection exclusive and is the shade that Blake picked. It´s a very creamy lipstick with a hint of orange which makes this lipstick perfect all year round. The formula isn´t the most long lasting but with the Isadora lip liner in "36 Ruby Red" it last through a couple of drinks and it just need a touch up in the middle of the lips. The lip liner is also very creamy but dries matte just like the lipstick so it doesn´t budge.
To remove it I love to use Garnier Micellar water on a cotton pad and it just swipes the product right off. It also works really good for your face and it doesn´t sting or make you skin feel dry and tight. The perfect trio for a fancy date, party or if you just want to brighten up your day.
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