lazy days in the sun


Hi guys.

I have been kind of bad at updating lately and I thought I owe you an explanation. I´m not going to go in to details but my life is quite rough right now, I have a lot on my mind and most days i´m so sad and feel so bad that I can´t get through the day without crying. So I have left the city for the country to spend some time at our house there. Foot baths, flowers, sunny days, rainy days and 10 hours of sleep sums up my days out here. It´s like going to rehab and it feels like nothing bad can happen here and i´m far aways from everyone I know except my parents. Going home tomorrow, not happy about it. But I hope, with summer and holiday approaching, that it will only get better from here.

I have a lot of blogposts planned and i´m really excited about that so I hope you can bare with me until I have figured out my life. It can only get better from here, so stay tuned.

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