The lip edit

I am quite a newbie at the whole lip liner, lipstick thing. But I finally decided to take the big jump into the unknown and expand my one lipstick collection. I only bought budget versions because I want to find out what type of colors I like and what suits me before I invest in something more expensive. After a few months of trying them here are my lip edit post.
Loréal color riche natural lipstick in "235" - This is my perfect nude. It´s not to brown and not to pinky toned and it´s the perfect everyday lipstick that works with whatever eye look your doing that day. The formula is pretty moisturizing and has great color payoff. I think it´s perfect for other newbies out there.
Maybelline color drama in "140 minimalist" - I love this color and I think it will be perfect for warmer weather ( but I have to admit that i´ve worn in in december) because it´s a bit more peachy pink and has a sparkly finish to it. I found that putting a lip balm on before you use it makes it easier to apply and it doesn´t feel as drying. The finish is matte and stays on your lips through out drinking and eating.
Isadora perfect lipliner in "36 ruby red" - This pen is very soft but quite easy to apply and it´s the perfect holiday red. I had it on under my red loreal lipstick on christmas eve and it looked amazing. I wouldn´t recomend it if your going out on a date for dinner because it doesn´t really stay on your lips.
Loreal collection exclusive in "blake" - I admitt it, I bought it because I am a huge Blake lively fan but the color is really pretty. The formula is creamy, which makes it a bit difficult to apply ( I would use a lip brush) but it´s stunning on and put you in the perfect "Blake moment". I wore it on christmas eve but took it off before dinner because I knew it wouldn´t stay on my lips and I didn´t want to eat meatballs with red stains on it. But if your going on something where you don´t have to eat, or drink much, it´s perfect.
Maybelline color drama in "310 berry much" - Have you noticed i´m really into these sticks. They have great color payoff, lasts forever and are matte. I have to force myself to not buy every single color. If you have some money to spare, buy one of these. The color is a deep purple, very buildable, with no shine or sparkle what so ever and you seriously have to scrub it of your lips at the end of the day. Great lip pen for you girls with a small budget.
Max factor color elixir gloss in "lustrous plum" - I thought I had to mention a lip gloss because I used to be a lip gloss lover. I was suprised of how much color you get from this one, a beautiful purple that goes perfect with the berry much lip pen or by it self. It doesn´t dry my lips out and it lasts for longer than I thought. I´m gonna try more shades from the color elixir line, they are just amazing.
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