Netflix lovin´

Netflix is one of the best inventions ever! I think I talk about netflix at least once a day, i´m totally addicted. I know i´m not the only one so I thought I would share some of my favorite movies and tv-shows. Because i´m so bad at explaning things, i´ll use descriptions.
~ Lie to me: "Dr. Cal Lightman teaches a course in body language and makes an honest fortune exploiting it. He's employed by various public authorities in various investigations, doing more when the police etc. fail to go the extra mile. So he can afford to constitute a team of his own, which like clients and others has to put up with his mind-games."
I found this show by accident, just browsing netflix, as you do, and there it was. I was hocked after only one episode and I watched all seasons in only a couple of weeks.
~ Bones: "A forensic anthropologist and a cocky FBI agent build a team to investigate death causes. And quite often, there isn't more to examine than rotten flesh or mere bones."
O.m.g. There are no words to describe how much I love this tv show. I watched the first 4 seasons or so by myself but then my mum and me started from the beginning and now its a daughter/mother bonding thing. It´s creepy, funny, romantic and sometimes a bit scary. I love bones gang and I think Angela and Jack Hodgins are my favorites! 
~ Revenge of the bridesmaids: "Two women plot revenge against the woman marrying their friend's ex-boyfriend."
One of the funniest movies I ´ve watched in a long time. Romantic and girly is good words to describe this movie. I have watched it a few times and my mum also loved it. Great for girls night in with your best friends.
~ The women: "A wealthy New Yorker leaves her cheating husband and bonds with other society women at a resort."
This movie is another one for movie nights. Romantic, very funny and relatable. I will watch this one over and over again.
~ Cake: "A travel writer (Graham) who begrudgingly assumes control of her father's wedding magazine finds the new experience might just change her take on love."
My last movie for this post. This one is a bit weird but very funny. The main charachter is very...special but you can kinda relate to her in some ways.
~ Friends: "When Monica's high school friend (Rachel) re-enters her life, she sets off on a series of humorous and entertaining events involving Monica's brother (Ross), her ex-roommate (Phoebe), and her next door neighbors (Chandler & Joey)."
I think you all know this one. I have to admit that this is the first time ever i´ve watched this tv shows. I don´t really like shows where there are laughing in the background, it´s just annoying but I kinda like it. I´ve only watched half of the first season but i´m working on it. But if you haven´t seen them or if you just wanna bench watch it with some chocolate on a rainy day then you can watch them, very easily, on netflix.
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