Body butter mania

I seem to have built a good collection of body butter the last year or so. I have a problem, I knew that. But that´s the first step right? To admit that you have one?
There is nothing like the feeling of a really nice body butter after a long shower in the winter time or after been out in the sun in the summer. I prefer body butters rather than body lotions because I love how good they moisturize your body. And they smell really good.
The body shop - are by far my favorite kind but they are quite expensive. So I always ask for them for christmas or my birthday and buy cheaper ones.
I love... - Is a cheaper alternative that still smells nice and moisturize but for less than half the price. My favorite is the mango & papaya one. I found the strawberry & milkshake a little to.. fake for my taste. It doesn´t really smell like strawberry.
And for the days when I just want it to be done i use my dove silky lotion. It´s  little bit lighter and it sinks in faster. It´s good to have the option if the mood strikes.
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