sunday blues #4 gotland adventures

My week at Gotland with my parents was amazing, we got up early on monday morning and jumped on the boat that took three hours and then we where there, at my second home. We where very lucky with the weather, it was sunny and very hot every day and we could stay out until it was dark. On our first day we just relaxed, talked to our family we lived with and just enjoyed the weather and Bacchus, their adorable dog.
Tuseday was a pretty good day, we checked out a place we always visit when at Gotland, they sell beautiful things made out of concrete, and then we moved on to lunch. The place we ate lunch at was beautiful, an old farm with flowers and grass everywhere. The food wasn´t anything special but I took a lot of pictures so it wa worth the trip. Then, late that night, me, my dad and mum took Bacchus for a walk and looked at the sunset, that was another great moment.

On wednesday, we walked along the beach from one car to another. We stopped a few times to drink water and we took a coffebreak. But it was amazing and really relaxing. It was one of those moments in life you´ll remember forever. And we couldn´t not go swimming in the beautiful ocean, and it wasn´t that cold actually. And on our way back to our car we walked in our bikini and I got sun burned, my fault, sunscreen people. That´s key in life!
On thursday my dad and I decided to take the car and go to a place kinda near by and buy some flower for my mum and eat lunch. That night we went to a place right by the docks and ate an amazing dinner (see the fish picture if your not scared of getting hungry) and watched the sun go down before we went home again, it was beautiful.
And suddenly it was friday. My dad and I decided to go on a roadtrip because it was so hot outside and ac sounded like a good choice. We saw an old castle turned into a hotel and looked for a place to eat. And i admitt, I slept all the way home. Car drives makes me really sleepy for some reason. The day ended with a great dinner, fish in a package and potatoes. Then we talked and looked for bats until it was way past my bedtime.
Saturday we went home, it was a sad day and it was so hot inside when we got home non of us got any sleep.
And that´s it. I hope it wasn´t to boring.
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