3 moment last month

# Wednesday 4/3: I got my first, ever package from Asos.com. Four Rimmel products (you can´t get rimmel in store in Sweden) and I will let you know how we get on. But i´m really excited, of course #beautyjunkey, about my new things.
# Monday 9/3: I got my second package from Asos, I´m sensing a problem here, but this time I ordered sunglasses (thoughts are coming later on), a Korres face mask and a concealer/highlighter from LÓréal i´ve heard lots about. A thing I love about Asos is how fast my things got here, five days is not a very long time.
# Saturday 21/3: We spent some time at out country house and one of my favorite thing to do there is sitting by the kitchen window and look at all the birds who eat the food we leave them. And, if you´re lucky, you might see a Squirrel. Meet George, he is a new family friend and he visits us a few times a week and eat all the food.
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