october favorites

October is probably my all time favorite month, the leaves are shifting color and the air is crisp so I am sad to see that this month is over, but I do have some things I have loved and I wanted to share them.
H&M lip contour in "cherry tart": As I have mentioned in a previous blog post I really love the new make up launch from hm and this month I discovered a new lip pencil color. Cherry tart is a beautiful dark plum color with a matte finish that lasts for at least a couple of hours on your lips. I find it easy to apply and it fades very discreteely. The fact that it´s so cheap and easy to find is just a bonus.
Iphone 6+ (and my phone case from fyndiq.se): I jumped back to the apple owners family again about 2 months ago and left my samsung to be left in a drawer. But I don´t feel bad about it because I love my new phone. I adore the big screen, the camera and that I can finally find all the apps I want. The design is big but still sleek and the battery lasts for 2 whole days! (my last one didn´t even last one) There is not a single bad thing about it, it´s just true love.
NYX nail polish in "CN151": I got this nail polish for free maybe four months ago and haven´t really worn it or even looked at it until this month. Let me just say that the color in the bottle is not at all the color it is on your nails. In one light it looks like this pretty rose pink and in the next a gorgeous pinky toned gold. I have never seen a nail polish quite like this. And the fact that it dries fast, applies easily and is cheap makes it even better.
Dove purely pampering body lotion: I am a huge fan of the body shops body butters, as you all know by now, but sometimes I don´t have the time to sit around and wait for it to sink in and it´s those days I pick up this little friend. The smell is amazing, a nutty fall time smell that goes perfectly with this time of the year. It sinks in fast but still leaves my skin feeling deeply hydrated and the smell stays on your skin for a couple of hours after. I don´t think I will ever stop using it, I think I have found my dream lotion.
Urbanears headphones: Oooh, aren´t they pretty!? I got them with my phone, what a catch, when I bought it and I haven´t stopped wearing them since. The sound quality is really amazing and when you listen to music you don´t hear all the things going on around you. That is something I really appreciate when I am on a bus with screaming kids in front of me. I can also forget about all the people and just let the music absorb everything else. I have wanted these for quite a while but didn´t want to spend the money on them, but now I am really glad I got them.
SPY: My last favorite for this month is a movie that I watched with my parent only a week ago. Spy is a movie with movie stars like Jude Law and Melissa McCarthy and the story line is about a CIA analyst who volunteer to go undercover in the world of a deadly arms dealer. I can´t remember the last time I laughed so much watching a movie, as always Melissa is just hilariously charming and her role is perfect in so many ways. If you haven´t seen this parody of the bond movies you should seriously do it, just do it!
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