7 things: when you´re stressed

We all get stressed sometimes, about life, work or school. These are 7 things I try to remember when I feel like there is no way out and this is never going to work.
* It´s not as bad as it seems - your situation is almost never as bad as you think it is.
* You don´t have to work in any other pace than yours.
* You are not the only one who feels the pressure, people just don´t like to talk about it.
* Letting go of what´s stressing you out can help you see it in a new way - maybe the thing your stressing about isn´t that big of a deal.
* Don´t take everything to seriously - if it´s not gonna end your life it´s not worth stressing over.
* Don´t put to much pressure on yourself - a little will make you work harder but a lot will make you panic and give in to your hysteria.
* Whatever problem you have now won´t last forever.
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