January favorties

Essie "rock at the top" - There is nothing more festive than a sparkly nail polish, and even though christmas was, sadly, over I couldn´t stop using this one from essie. The glitter is very well packed so it doesn´t take ages for some sparkly payoff and it´s just so pretty with the gold color and goes perfect with the darker colors I wear during these months but also on lighter colors where it looks a bit more silver.

The body shop cocao body butter - Omg there are no words in this world to describe how much i love the smell of this body butter. It´s just so winter like with just the right amount of chocolaty goodness. The formula is, as with all the body shop butters, very moisturising and leaves my skin feeling so hydrated which is important during th colder months. This is my second jar of this scent and I was very happy when my sister gave it t me for christmas.
Nivea lip butter in "blueberry blush" - I´m a huge fan of the nivea lip butters and I use my raspberry one every single night before i go to bed. Or I used to. Now I use this one every single night and also a lot during the day. It´s just as hydrating, if not more, than my other two and this one doesn´t leave a white cast over my lips like my raspberry one. And it smells amazing. So A+.
Maxfactor color elixir giant pen in "subtle coral 20" - My go to lip product for this month. You don´t need a mirror to apply it and it´s a really nice nude color that isn´t just pink och brown. It has a slight shine to it but is not sparkly which I was happy about. And it´s drugstore so you don´t break the bank. There are a few colors in the line so i´m going to try out some more.
Scarf from Lindex - Me and my mum found this scarf on sale and it was so pretty I just had to have it. (thanks mum!) It´s so soft and really big which is great because I like them to be huge so I can use them as a blanket at cinemas or if i´m just cold. The pattern makes it more fun than if it was just white (or black, let´s just be honest, I where a lot of black) but it still goes with all of my outfits so I use it every single day. And I loved it even more when I missed my train and had to wait outside in -2 degrees for 28 minutes.
The ballroom class by Lucy Dillon - "The three couples joining the ballroom class for different reasons. Lauren, who dreams about a fairytale wedding, Bridget who has a perfect marrige but is keeping a secret that can ruin everything and Katie & Ross who are trying to save their marrige and find the spark again." This is the fourth book I read by this author and I love her way of writing so much. She really has a way of making you feel like you know all the characters and they are your friends, or enemies, and you just want to keep reading. 
Fringe - "A television drama centered around a female FBI agent who is forced to work with an institutionalized scientist in order to rationalize a brewing storm of unexplained phenomena." I have a thing for really weird tv shows and this one was right up my alley. It´s really interesting, and disgusting, and creepy but I couldn´t stop watching it. I love Peter, I want to marry him. There is something so hot about a guy with a brain, and he is really cute. If you´re a fan of the weirder tv shows with unnatural things then this one is for you.
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