Products I didn´t love

Just a little disclaimer before I start. I am not dissing any of these brands or saying that these products won´t work on anyone, I am just saying that they didn´t work for me!
- Sally Hansen Miracle Cure: I had high hopes for this but it let med down. It dried pretty fast and it looked nice but it chipped really fast so it didn´t feel like it actually did anything and my nails are not feeling any stronger. I like how big the bottle is because you get a lot for your money but it didn´t do anything. I still haven´t found anything that has actually made a difference on my nails, but i´ll keep looking.
- Lancome hypnose mascara: I didn´t like this at all. It´s not waterproof so it did transfer under my eyes and it crumbled off in big, black clumps. My eyelashes are pretty long and with this on they looked like really long spider legs. I am not a fan and if you consider the price of this product it should be incredible.
- China Glaze nail polish "liquid leather": This products is not all negative, it dries pretty fast and the formula is really black and opaque. But it chipped after not even one day on my nails. I have tried it with 3 different top coats and without but it makes no difference. So I gave up and this is going in the bin.
- Rimmel BB cream 9-in-1: It´s very orange. It makes me look like an ompalompa and that´s not a look I´m going for. The formula is fine, it covers enough to make me like it and it´s hydrating so if it wasn´t for the color I would love it. I bought the lightest color and it´s still so dark and orange, drugstore brands really need to up their game when it comes to colors, what about us pale people?!
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