H&M beauty launch

H&M have re-launched their make up and beauty line and I must say i´m very impressed. When I first started doing make up I used powder from hm and it was quite okey. But now I have tried their nail polish, lip liners and one of their eye pencils and my thoughts are these:
- Color essence eye pencil in "into the blue": This shade is stunning, it´s a perfect bright blue color and the formula is opaque, creamy and long lasting. I think blue is a fun shade to try if you are a bit sick of the black and the brown but still want to have that cat-eye. It´s the perfect shade for fall.
- Lip definer in "Au naturel": A perfect nude color without any pinky tones. Beautiful on it´s own or under a lipstick, the liner itself is matte, really long lasting (I drank so much diet coke and it didn´t budge) and it´s creamy and easy to apply.
- Lip definer in "Prairie sunset": As the other lip color the formula is beautiful and so is the color. A pretty dark pinky color that is very suitible for the fall time (i´m sensing a theme here).
- Nail polish in "Spanish bluebell": Ahh, another blue/grey color, what a suprise. Jokes aside, I didn´t have high hopes for the nail polishes because they are so cheap and it´s hard to get the polish right but they have done it. The brush is wide and not to long, it´s opaque in two coats and it didn´t chip on me for about 4 days. Which is pretty good because nail polish always chip on me after just two days.
I will of course try more of their products but so far so good! I must say i´m very pleased with these and I highly recomend them.
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