7 things: sunday hobbies

I know sundays are not usually a favorite day for many people, but it could be. I am trying to get more things done and make it feel like I did something good on the last day of every week. These are just a few of my sunday hobbies.
* Do yoga or pilates- both are very relaxing but you still move your body and trust me, if you have never done yoga before this, you will be sore!
* Watch some of your favorite movies or tv shows - some sundays I just don´t want to do anything productive and on does days this is my favorite one. I am a huge tv fan so give me a bowl of something unhealthy, a good movie and a couple of napkins and i´m good to go.
* Clean my make up brushes - this is a very boring task but what better way to start a new week than with clean brushes.
* Organise my make up - this is a great way to make sure you don´t use the same make up every day.
* Read a bit - I love books and it´s very relaxing.
* Plan out the week ahead - I love sitting down with a notebook and writing down all of the things I need to do in the week to come.
* Catch up on some sleep - I don´t see the point in waking up early on a sunday just to do things, I like to sleep in and spend some extra hours in my very much loved bed.
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