3 mini reviews

I have tried 3 products during the last year that I wanted to talk about. They are all affordable and pretty easy to find so I hope you find this helpful.
* Sephora eye shadow palette "colorful 5; sunrise to sunset brown": I got this last christmas and I must admit I am kinda in love. I obviously don´t use it every day but on those days that I want to be more glam or if their is a special event. The eye shadows are very creamy and pigmented and doesn´t have to much of a fall-out. I really love that you can do a total smokey eye or a more natural eye look and it´s pretty small so it´s easy to travel with. It´s a budget if you don´t want to spend the money on the urban decay naked basics palette.
* Korres "pomegranate cleansing mask": I ordered it from asos because Korres is not a easy brand to find were I live and I really wanted to try it. And I actually like it, it´s good att drawing out impurities and it doesn´t strip your skin of all it´s moisture. I do use a more cleansing mask the day after to really clean my skin but if you don´t suffer from acne you could easily just use this one on it´s on. It doesn´t irritate my very sensitive skin, it smells nice and a little goes a long way.
* Maybelline Baby skin poreless primer: Ok, I admit, I didn´t try it for a long time because their were so much hype and talk about it so I wanted to wait for a bit so I could make up my own mind of if I like it or not. 
And it kinda do, it´s not a miracle product that´ll make your pores disapear or make your skin look flawless. But it does make my make up last longer and stay matte, it´s also very affordable and it doesn´t have a smell that irritates my skin. I think it´s worth a shot if you can´t afford those luxury primers that everyone talks about or if you´re just getting started with make up.
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