"The first thing Sophia Amaruso sold online wasn´t fashion - it was a stolen book. She spent her teens stealing things, jumping from job to job and dumpster diving. But when she was twenty two she started her ebay company Nasty gal that would, eight years later, become a $100 million plus online fashion retailer. She is the definition of a #Girlboss."
I got this book for christmas from my sister and I was so excited to read it. Not only because it is a book (i´m a hard-core reader) but because I have heard so much about Sophia and of course, Nasty gal. And it did not disappoint. The story she tells you feels personal, like she is a friend and tells you all about her childhood and her adventures. She keeps it real but funny and you can not not like her. It´s really inspiring the way she started and where she ended up, but she makes it clear that she worked hard for it and success doesn´t just jump in front of you.She also gives you great advice for starting your own career and doing what you love and not letting someone else boss you around. (No one can boss a #girlboss!)
To get to the point, I loved it and I definitely recomend this book, even if you don´t think you would like it because it´s amazing. I read it in just a couple of days because it´s a real page turner. And when you are done reading it, it´s a very pretty decoration for your bookshelf.
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