3 moments last month

Week 1: We went to Gotland, as we do every summer and have been for the last 6 years, and it was amazing. This time it was not only me, my mum and my dad because my sister also came with us with made the trip even better. The week consisted of a lot of eating, talking & laughing with my family and my aunt and her husband, a lot of yummy food and some adventures. I always look forward to these trips and this one did, as usual, not disapoint.
Week 2: My sister and her boyfriend were going to visit some people in Finland so I babysat their cats for a week and it was really nice. I didn´t do much because it was very hot and I didn´t know the area around their place so well so I watched a lot of criminal minds and Castle whilst drawing some and I bought some amazing vegetable from a market near their house. It was a very relaxing week with just a bit of drama (the orange cat, Oni, didn´t like me so much at first).
Week 3: My mum came home to get me and we traveled the short bit to our country house. It was really hot and nice weather so I tired to spend some time in the sun and we also drove to a place just by the water and ate some fish n´ chips made of really fresh fish. It´s always nice to be at out house, with nature just outside the door. But it was very nice to come home again after one week. Spiders, ticks and other creepy bugs can get a bit to much.
sorry about the lack of blogging this summer, I haven´t been home all the time and haven´t, to be honest, felt so inspired. But I´m really gonna try to change this so look out for more content in a bit. Hope you all had, and still have, a nice summer.
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