Instagram: Who doesn´t love instagram? It´s the perfect way to show other people pictures of your daily life or just things that inspires you.  I´m pretty much addicted to this app and I try to update my account (Fudges) at least 4 times a day.
Twitter: Another obvious one. I have only had twitter for a year or so and I like it more than I thought I would. It has grown on me and now I write about pointless stuff and posts morning quotes every day. But it´s still not as fun as instagram. 
Spotify: Ok, I can´t pick just on favorite app but I do use Spotify daily. I have to listen to music every day, when i walk places, shower, before and during sleep and just when i´m bored or at school. It´s a big must have for me.
Tumblr: I love this app for daily inspiration and for sharing with others your favorite pictures of cute animals, amazing food, beautiful landscapes or outfits. I follow about 25 people on tumblr and I find new accounts every day. It´s amazing if you´re in need of a new background or if you´re bored.
Weheartit: This is my second favorite inspiration app, I found this one first and it´s great if you know what you are looking for because you have to use search words but I like tumblr more for daily use. I also wanted to mention pinterestbut because i´m quite new to it I didn´t want to talk about it in it´s own section. But I like pinterest too.
PicCollage: The app I use when I make my inspiration boards. It´s simple to use and you can chose which pattern or color background you want and you can scroll through your collages.
VSCOcam: I use this app for when I, not to often, publish my own photos on instagram and I want them to be brighter, smaller or sharper. It´s simple to use, free in appstore (all of my apps are) and there are a lot of filters you can use.
Netflix: Dah! When i´m bored before school, waiting for a doctors appointments or before bed when I should try to fall asleep. But who´s really going to bed when they should?
Candy crush: I admit it, i´m totally addicted to this game and I spend way to much time playing it. But it´s so fun! And easy! And a total waste of time but still, I can´t stop! We all have our guilty pleasures.
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