7 things: favorite apps

What would we do without our phones, iphones or androids it doesn´t really matter, the apps are taking over our spare time and I must confess I am also totally hooked. These are my top 7 favorite apps.
1. Spotify: This is by far my most used app, I listen to music when I walk, wait for the train, back when I was in school, in the shower and when I am cleaning. I didn´t ever fancy iTunes, I have always prefered Spotify because it´s easy to use, have so many different artists (you can even listen to mozart) and you can listen to it offline. 
2. Instagram: I can´t imagine a world without instagram, that might be a sad statement but it´s true. I spend way more time on instagram than I would like to admitt. If you have been living under a rock, Instagram is were you can publish your pictures and other people can follow your account and heart your pic or leave a comment if they like it. You can also follow other people and stalk their life. But I am warning you, it´s very addicting.
3. Pinterest: I love this app for inspiration, if you can´t figure out what to wear, how you should decorate you new home or if you, like me, only want to stare at cute animals all day. This app is very simple, you just pin pictures you like and then they get placed on your board in a category. You can follow other people or just the categories you like and other people can follow you.
4. Youtube: As you all know, I am quite obsessed with watching youtube videos on my computer and now I can watch when wherever I go. So if you are stuck waiting to go and see a doctor or maybe the dentist you can watch your favorite youtubers and forget about those slow minutes for a while. It´s also very easy to use.
5. PicCollage: A very basic app for when you want to save some memories all in one photo or if you want to get that white frame around your photo for instagram. It is, as all of these apps, free.
6. Soundhound: You know that annoying moment, when you are sitting in your car and they play a song you just fall in love with but they don´t tell you what the name is or even who sings it. Soundhound can identify it from you singing a song or if you just place it in front of the radio while it´s playing. It have saved me more than a few times.
7. Relax M: When I can´t sleep I start this app and pick a few sound that are relaxing, for me that´s rain, storm and thunder but you can also pick more yoga like sounds, crickets and more tropical sounds. I really like how simple it is and I find the sounds very realistics.
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