10 ways to feel happy

Happiness is a hard subject, we all want to be find it but it´s not always that easy. I´m not saying these 10 things will bring you instant happiness for the rest of your life but I do find them useful in times of sadness.
#1 Listen to music and have a dance party.
#2 Have a movie day with your favorite unhealthy snacks and movies that makes you laugh.
#3 Write a list of all the things you are grateful for - sometimes when you´re sad, writing down all of the things you are grateful for can make you feel better.
#4 Give yourself a manicure or go somewhere were someone can do it for you.
#5 Move your body! --> Endorphins are your friend!
#6 Put away your phone! - Looking at others "perfect" lives (no ones life is perfect, but it can seem that way on instagram) can make you more sad and doubt your own life.
#7 Buy shoes! - Obviously not so many you´ll have to eat noodles for the next couple of months. But one pair of shoes usually makes me feel better.
#8 Buy a really yummy drink. - I always see life in a brighter light after a few sips of a Caramel Frapino from Espresso House.
#9 Sleep! - Often life looks better after a good nights sleep.
#10 Write down what is bothering you. - I find putting my thoughts into words makes you look at them another way and maybe find a salution you haven´t thought of before.
Hope you find some way to brighten your day!
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