goals for 2015

I think it´s important to set goals for yourself. It can be small ones for every week or bigger ones for the year to come. And because I like to read about other peoples life goals I thought I would share mine with you.
Getting fit ~ I know this is the goal for everyone after new years eve. But i started before in 2014 for the last few months so I think it´s a bit different. I want to be healthy but not overkill, I don´t belive in diets or forcing yourself to eat healthy 24/7 for 365 days. It never works and it´s not really living. So my goal is more like this: Eat relativly healthy but eat chips or so sometimes and workout a few times a week. I think it´s easier to keep doing it if it´s not to much a change than what you´re already doing. 
Up my blogging game ~ I admit, I have been a bit lazy when it comes to my blog so this year I want to be better and that starts with a couple of blog posts a week and then we´ll see how it goes, i´m excited to see how this year will turn out!
Eat better ~ I suck at eating! I seem to be the only person on earth that doesn´t love food! I eat dinner and breakfast, when I remember to, but I almost never eat lunch and something in between has never been heard of. But this year I have to be better at this, especialy because i´m working out and because it´s good to eat. So my goals are to remember to eat lunch (and almond milk with granola doesn´t count!), eat sometime small, like a bar, after workouts and drink more water.
Be happier ~ Now this one is not only hard to achive but also very personal! I have not been feeling great for the last few years but I hope this year will be better, and even if that doesn´t mean i´m happy everyday I at least hope I will be happy for most of them and not cry as often as I did last year. I´m going to workout, which helps, be with people I love and do fun things. It won´t be easy but it have to work, so lets try.
Take a photo every day ~ I love to take photos but I sometimes forget to, even though I have a great camera and a lot of time. So my goal for this year, which I have already started, is to take a minimum of one photo/day. This is part of a bigger goal which is to be more creative, I want to draw more and continue with my inspiration book. I think being creative will also be good for my previous goal, being happy, so they all come together.
Save money ~ Wow, this is a hard one. I don´t know why but i´m so bad at this. I have a friend who is so good at this and it makes me so jealous because I want to be able to do it to. And this year is the year when it will happen (probably). I won´t start to big but maybe £20 every month will be a good start. (I´m a student so I only have about £85 every month.) I think it helps if I have something I want to do with them so a couple of things is going do England and getting a new tattoo. I have started saving and so far so good.
Let´s do this!
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