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It´s almost christmas, the most wonderful time of the year. But I have found, now that i´m older, it´s hard to get into the christmas spirit. So I have spent some time trying to figure out a way to get at least a little holiday in my bones. Now I think I have a good few things I do or watch to feel festive and I wanted to share it with you guys!
Movies: There is nothing more festive than a great christmas movie and I have found six that I really enjoy. The holiday is my all time favorite, it´s funny and cute and not all that holiday-ish but I still like watching it this time of year at least four times. Cameron Diaz isn´t normally my favorite actress but I think she is so great in this one. Love actually is a classic. I don´t know, or want to know, how many times i´ve watched it in my lifetime. I adore the music and the actors are just perfect. Hugh grant and Colin Firth are as cute as ever. If you like funny love stories than this one is perfect for you. The polar express is just simply perfect for this time of year, it´s easy going and cute. I love me some animated movies.
A christmas carol is a little bit creepy for being a childrens movie, i think at least. But it catches your eye and you fall in love with the characters. The family stone is also a funny on, shocker, and you get to know every single one of the family members and Sarah jessica Parker plays her part perfectly.Sex and the city may not be what people think about when they think christmas, but first time I watched it was 3 years ago a few days before christmas so I find some festiveness from it. I love sex and the city in every form and I have watched so many times I can quote to much from it. If you haven´t watched it you´re crazy!
Snacks & drinks: Julmust is a swedish thing I guess but it´s so good! I have had it around christmas time for as long as I can remember. I can´t really explain what it tastes like but it´s like the christmas version of coke. Gingerbread cookies are a classic and can not be ignored. You can find them in every shape possible but they pretty much taste the same, spicy and delicous. I like to dip them in my drink it´s soo good. Saffron buns are probably another scandinavian thing but they are pretty easy to make and homemade is always better. We made ours dairy free this year and they are the best ones we have ever made. They are kind of addictive and they are just yummy. So if you´re from a country that doesn´t have these in store, just google saffron buns and make them at home.
Random stuff: I had to talk about a candle, I mean how can you not!? This one is gingerbread from ikea so it was cheap but still smells nice. I always love sweet smells over flower scents and during fall and winter time I burn them way to much. Another thing is my star lantern from Ikea. I saw it a month ago and had to have it and I use it even more than I thought I would! It´s really cosy and I don´t have to worry about my cat burning up.
The perks of being a wallflower is a very talked about book. I found it a little bit weird but I still liked it so I thought I would mention it because I think it screams winter even when it´s summer in the book. My last random thing is my cosy, and I mean really cosy, socks from hm. They where about £7 for two pair and I have used them every day for the past two months.
Songs: There is nothing better than christmas music when you´re trying to get into that festive mood. So I thought I would share my top 5 with you.
* Mistletoe by Justin bieber - my guilty pleasure.
* Last christmas by Wham! - old classic from childhood.
* All I want for christmas is you by Glee cast - New favorite, much better than the mariah original.
* This christmas by Chris Brown - Another one where I don´t like the person but love the song.
* Last christmas by Ariana Grande - A new one, not better than the original but it´s a bit different.
Youtube: My last christmas must have is youtube.I´m always quite obsessed with it but when december roles around I get even more obsessed. Because it´s vlogmas time! Which means a new video every single day from your favorite youtubers which is amazing and very holiday. I have a lot of people I watch, and some I don´t, but I´m gonna share my top 7 with you.
* Hellooctoberxo - I watch her videos like it´s a drug and when she said she was doing vlogmas I nearly jumped out of happiness.
* Thesammimariashow - O.M.G! I love her normal channel (beautycrush) but her vlogs are out of this world.
* Lily pebbles - You get to know the beauty behind and see a more relaxed version of her.
* Carlyvlogs - Hilarious and weird family and friends. The gorgeous Carly lets you get a sneek peak at her life behind her blog and her job as a model.
* Amelia Liana - Has the cutest dog, Duke, and is funny and very relatable.
* Thegridmonster - Ingrid is not only a youtube star she is also gorgeous and very funny! I love her obsession with donuts, pandas (love!) and coffee.
* Meghan Rienks - Just got a nose job but is still funny and her parents are so cute, especially her dad. If you want to watch her in her normal state there is always last years vlogmas.
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